Strawberry Lemonade

vegan strawberry lemonade

Homemade strawberry lemonade – low glycemic

Homemade Strawberry Lemonade – Delicious!!

During our snowstorm, my 17-year-old son confessed that he purchased some “garbage” fruit punch and asked if he could keep it.

junk fruit punch

junk fruit punch











So, of course, I read the ingredients:

  • high fructose corn syrup
  • artificial flavor
  • FD&C red #40
  • sodium bicarbonate
  • “contains 10% fruit juice,”
  • you get the picture
junk fruit punch

“Garbage” fruit punch with high fructose corn syrup, FD&C Red #40 dye, and crap.

I made him a deal: I replace the “fruit punch” with real fruit punch, homemade. If he liked it, we’d swap.




The result?: Lulu’s Strawberry Lemonade
5 Ingredients: water, ice, fresh-squeezed lemon, frozen strawberries, and agave nectar

His reaction? “Wow! This is great!!”

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Homemade strawberry lemonade